While we try to find our way through these unprecedented and extremely difficult times we need to come together in order to get through together. Iā€™m sure as all of you already know, restaurants, bars and other various venues that host live music across the country have been closed to the open public indefinitely. 


In an effort to keep local live music and local businesses going strong here on Long Island I am very happy to announce something we have put together called the Covid-19 Concert Series where I will be partnering with many local restaurants and bars, who over the years have given me the opportunity to help build my music career. Most of them are still open and need our support in order to survive. All of these places are serving both food and alcohol and all of them are offering curbside takeout and some even free delivery! All performances will be streaming live from my Facebook fan page. Here you will also receive updates, video clips and scheduling. šŸ‘šŸ» my page and tune in to hear some great live music and about some of these great local places and what they have to offer. It will be very interactive. I will be taking requests, playing some fan favorites and doing a good amount of goofing around with my girls so it should be a lot of fun! I will also be offering private dedication messages (you can email me here directly for more info). Hope to see you there and hope to see you out soon!


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